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Taska Idaman

Incorporating the Montessori Method of Education


Day care centers are a necessity for families where both parents work.  New parents have a difficult time choosing whether or not the mother can afford to stay home with her child. The mother who chooses to work may feel guilty over leaving her child during work hours. Fortunately, there are quality day care centers where parents can be sure that their child is being cared for.

Choose a day care center that is licensed by the local government or under the advisement of a government agency.  A day care center that is under government advisement is being monitored by the government and the government approves of the conditions of the center.   This is the best way to know that your child is in a safe environment.

Visit the day care center during the day.  During your visit watch how the staff interacts with the children.  Notice whether or not the children seem happy or fearful of the staff. Notice if the staff treat the children cruelly by hitting them or yelling at them.  It is not okay  for anyone to hit a child left in their care.  You should choose a day care center that interacts with the children in a kind manner.  Choose a day care center where children are encouraged and praised for their efforts.

Bring your child for a visit at the day care center.  During this visit, you should notice whether or not the care providers and teachers interact with your child.  You should want the teachers to encourage your child to interact with the other children. A good teacher will show your child around the room while giving a positive attitude towards’ the other children and the center’s daily activities.

Good day care centers will have educational activities throughout the day.  Look to see if there are educational toys for toddlers; including look books, balls, and play equipment which  encourage imagination and teach fine motor skills. Older children should be provided with learning activities that teach reading, writing, math, and the basics necessary for a successful entrance into school.

Before entering their child into a day care center; parents should make sure that their child is healthy.  Take your child to his/her doctor for a check-up. During this doctor’s visit; it is advisable that parents make sure all of their child’s immunizations are up to date.  It is important to get written verification of all immunizations and a written health report.  This information may be needed by the day care center.

Talk to the day care center’s administrator before your child’s first day there.  During your talk ask the administrator any questions you may have.  Make sure that you understand how much it will cost for your child to attend—and when the money is due.  You should also make sure that you understand the center’s holiday schedule, the sick child policy, and the hours of operation.

Parents need not feel guilty about working when they know that their child is in a safe and nurturing environment.  Take time in picking the day care center your child will go to.  Schedule a visit with and without your child. Use these visits to make sure that your child likes his/her new teachers and the other children.  Meet with the administrator to discuss finances and rules and regulations. In the right day care center, your child will get an early start on their learning education while building self esteem.



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