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Taska Idaman

Incorporating the Montessori Method of Education



The benefits of early childhood education have long been disputed.  It is hard to deny the opponents opinion that children have always grown up to be intelligent and reliable young adults without the benefits of early childhood education.  Child psychologists and teachers  for early childhood education point out that there are many benefits including:  the child being ahead when they start formal education,  having a good foundation for continued learning,  having a grasp of peer relationships,  having higher self esteem, and better enjoyment of the learning process.

Psychologists say that the toddler years are when a child learns the most.  It is during these years that the child’s mind is working over time--taking in everything  and processing information at a faster pace than they will a few years down the line.  Psychologist say that this time is of great importance because this is when children learn to socialize and process basic learning skills.   In this way, early childhood education is the foundation for continued learning.

Early childhood education will teach your child the basic skills necessary to be a success once your child starts his formal education.  During early childhood education your child will learn to write his name, count and do basic math problems such as grouping objects, learn the colors and shapes, and recognition of first words. 

Your child will be placed in a classroom with other children.  By playing and learning with other children, your child will learn how to deal with day to day situations. Early childhood education provides your child a means in which to learn to share toys, to communicate thoughts and ideas, and to deal with their emotions.

Children who have had opportunities for personal growth have higher self esteem. Imagine how happy your child will be when, during the first day of formal education, he/she already knows how to spell their name, what the date is, and how to tie their own shoes. Your child will be praised by his teachers and peers for his knowledge.

By giving your child an early childhood education, you are providing your child with the means necessary to be happy and successful in life.  Research studies show that children who have an early childhood education go on to do better in school and are more successful in adult life.

It is easy to see that an early childhood education is essential for a child’s future.  Parents who choose to place their child in education should be cautioned on a few things. Psychologists say that children should only attend part time.  This is because it is important that the child spends time with the parents each day; which fosters security in the child.  It is also important that the child does not become overwhelmed or too tired during a long day.   Even a few days a week in early childhood education will provide a great deal of benefit to your child.


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