Since The Year 2000

Taska Idaman

Incorporating the Montessori Method of Education


 By the time our children are in Kindergarten( 5 yrs), they will have longer attention spans and be able to sit for longer periods of time. They will also have better social skills and eager to create new ideas and expand their imagination. They will thus begin to experience themes and activities that seek to broaden their horizons.

At this level, Mandarin Language lessons are thought on developing the children's vocabulary and verbal abilities through stories, music and dance. Written exercises will also be introduced, usually in the second half of the year.

For our Kindergarten and Pre Primary children, it becomes a structured systematic course of learning emphasising: 

·                                 Reading and spelling.

·                                 Creative Writing

·                                 Phonic Skills.

·                                 Whole Word Recognition.

·                                 Sentence