Since The Year 2000

Taska Idaman

Incorporating the Montessori Method of Education


Language and social skills come into play as Nursery children interact more and more with their classmates and friends. Early games such as puzzles and Lego introduce the concept of taking turns and sharing, whilst letters, words and number-recognition toys and games reinforce math and language learning. Art materials such as crayons, markers and paints are creative favorites for most children this age.

Nursery children are introduced to phonics and language arts thus making them familiar with phonics characters and the sounds they make. They are intuitively accessible to three- and four-year olds, such as Grandpa Garry, Yummy Yogurt, Vroom Van and Lollipop Lady. These alliterative names also enhance phonemic awareness at an early age. Apart from that, numerous stories, rhymes, songs, and dramatic play based on themes will enhance your child’s learning experience.