Since The Year 2000

Taska Idaman

Incorporating the Montessori Method of Education

                                        Our Crriculum


Practical Life

 Offered to assist your child, Practical Life activities develop a sense of order, concentration, independence, fine motor skills, grace, courtesy and respect for others , 


Sensorial Activities

 An array of activities to assist your child in understanding the information he / she receives from his / her environment for these activities help your child  appreciate, discriminate and understands his / her world.  



Language Arts

Through the use of a multitude of activities like nursery rhymes and story telling your child first learns his phonetic sounds, phonetic reading and writing, phonograms and blends, which leads to fluent reading.




Alphabet through songs


Montessori activities

 Practical Life Skills and Sensorial Education to further develop a child's motor skills and boost their thinking skills for greater independence in everyday living.




All mathematics activities incorporate the use of concrete materials which will guide your child to learn to count to ten, and slowly progress to solving complicated addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.


Chinese Immersion Programme


The chinese immersion programme aims to help your child build a solid foundation in this language. Reading will be taught through character recognition with accurate pronunciation. This program aims to help your child build a good foundation in Mandarin by enriching their vocabulary as well as teaching them to read and write the language. Your child will be well prepared for the demands of Primary School.

Bahasa Malaysia 

Learning of our national Language through a fun and enjoyable method to help each individual child remember read and spell.



 All these activities are interesting and fun as they are all "hands on". Prediction and analysis are also incorporated into each experiment.


Music & Movement


Learning to sing songs and make music by using various musical percussion to create fun movements.

Social and physical Education


Your children will get to play "Water Play", "Sand Play" and other organized activities. Their gross motor skills are developed while social development is enhanced during these activities as children learn to play, take turns, share and have fun with their friends.

 Fun And Play



                  Learning corner like library, toys like lego, and hands on activity like dough rolling. 

Arts And Craft

Allowing children to use their wonderful imagination and to explore the world of colours through crayons and paints.

                          COPUTE LESON


   learning parts of the computer system like about the keyboard and its fingering as well as learning about word processor and drawing with Microsoft Paint.  

Field Trips   

A good learning experience outside of school.

Daily Routine 


 Getting children aware of the environment around school.     

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