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Taska Idaman

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ADHD is a mental condition in which the brain cannot differentiate between external stamina (such as noise, lights, pictures, etc.).  Children with this condition tend to be  hyperactive, their bodies can not slow down,  they often cannot sleep at night, they lose things easily, and they get poor grades in school.  Being a parent with a child with ADHD is very challenging.  The parent must understand their child’s condition,  know when their child is misbehaving because they cannot control themselves, and be very patient.

The first thing that a parent with a child with ADHD needs to know is the facts about their child’s  condition. Parents  should speak to their child’s doctor frankly, asking any questions they might have,  and any concerns they have.  Parents can also go to their local library and bookstore to read up on the condition.

There are many support groups  for those challenged by being a parent with a child with ADHD.  Support groups allow parents to come together to talk and support one another. By belonging to a support group, the parents realize that they are not alone in their struggles.  They make friends and connect with other parents.  Often support groups are facilitated by a therapist qualified to deal with ADHD issues. With the help of the therapist, parents share the stress they endure and discuss ideas on how to deal with this stress.  The therapist will also share ideas on how parents can help their ADHD child in school and daily life activities.

ADHD children need more guidance than typical children.  It helps to schedule daily activities for this type of child.  Make a calendar and hang it where all family members can see it.  Your child can help pick his/her daily activities such as  leisure time and bed time.  Make the calendar consistent with bed time, dinner time, etc, the same every day. ADHD children are forgetful. The calendar will help the child stay on task without being constantly reminded by the parent.

ADHD children are more emotional than the typical child.  Being a parent with a child with ADHD can be stressful because of the child’s emotional needs.  It is very important that the parent keeps an open dialogue with the ADHD child.  Set aside 15 - 20 minutes every day to talk with your child.   The parent should be open minded to what the child has to say. 

School is especially stressful for the ADHD child. These children can not help but to get distracted; their mind wandering away from the teacher’s lessons. The child is not being lazy or stupid. The ADHD child’s brain is not equipped to concentrate for long periods of time. ADHD children need special services in school.  These services should include: shorter lesson time with longer breaks in between subjects;  a tutor,  testing conducted in a way that is more in sync with the child’s condition,  and teacher’s specially trained to deal with the ADHD child.